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My doll area is located in my garage makeover...I have clothes, brushes, mirrors, vanity, shoes, barrettes, heels and cowboy boots, doll carriers, cribs, strollers, bassinets, ironing boards and iron, bottles, rattles, onesies, bibs, mittens, etc...I made sure to buy a doll with every color hair imaginable so I got Blond, Brown, Red, Purple, Burgundy, Black, Strawberry Blond, even bald heads, etc...I also got various ethnic dolls: Hispanic, African American, Irish, Indian, Asian, Caucasian, etc...I also have boy dolls...I wanted a child to be able to look in my dolls and see themselves and be represented as something beautiful or desirable to play with.
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iPlanets Academy operate from these 5 "L's" Love, Laughter, Learning, Life Skills & Limitless Possibilities. Inspiring learning, fun, nurturing, safe, stimulating hands-on micro-environment. Each student is empowered to develop at their own pace. Fostering strong bonds between our families & children to have an ethnically, culturally, economically & diverse community that's committed to our students learning, growth & development. Serving FULLY potty trained 3 to 8 Christian values: sharing, giving, etiquette, manners & great character. Daily schedules, meals & creative activities derived from our name iPlanets Academy acronym is: Intelligence (9), Playground and Sports, Life Skills, Arts & Crafts, Nature, Science and Research, Engineering & Robotics, Technology & Gaming, Social Studies and Spanish. Arithmetic, Character Development, Animation, Drama and Theater, Dance, Movement and Music, Your Community and Your World. Extracurricular & enrichment activities. www.iPlanetsAcademy.c
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