07.28.17 Chik Fil A Junior Safari Night at Atlanta Highway
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07.28.17 Chik Fil A Junior Safari Night at Atlanta Highway


iPlanets Academy operate from these 5 "L's" Love, Laughter, Learning, Life Skills & Limitless Possibilities. Inspiring learning, fun, nurturing, safe, stimulating hands-on micro-environment. Each student is empowered to develop at their own pace. Fostering strong bonds between our families & children to have an ethnically, culturally, economically & diverse community that's committed to our students learning, growth & development. Serving 4-10 yrs old or Pre-K to 5th Christian values: sharing, giving, etiquette, manners & great character. Daily schedules, meals & creative activities derived from our name iPlanets Academy acronym is: Intelligence (9), Playground and Sports, Life Skills, Arts & Crafts, Nature, Science and Research, Engineering & Robotics, Technology & Gaming, Social Studies and Spanish. Arithmetic, Character Development, Animation, Drama and Theater, Dance, Movement and Music, Your Community and Your World. Extracurricular & enrichment activities. www.iPlanetsAcademy
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